The Humanize Podcast

Welcome to Season 4!

Whhhhatttt??? It seems like we just started Humanize, but somehow we are already back for Season 4!

We have lots in store for you today, including an update on what we have each been up to and a preview of what we have planned for this season. We’re looking into an international focus on DEI, and have some great guests and conversations to tune in to!

Listen now!
We’re exploring:

-#The1619Project - we are digging into this book and cannot wait to share what we are learning
-How the system is holding us ALL back
-Looking at our country's history through a critical lens, and balancing that with our love for America
-#DEI work that is happening in other countries, and how that compares to the United States
What exclusive content you can you expect this season in our #Patreon community

And so much more!!