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Much needed conversations

I appreciate listening to two real people discuss race and social justice. These are complex social issues that can’t be fully addressed in soundbites on the internet.

Thought provoking

I really appreciate the conversations. Very thought provoking. Definitely will recommend to my friends and family. Dawn Wolfe - Host - Animal Talent Agent 🐾⭐️ 🎬 Pawsitively Famous Podcast 🐶🐱🐰

Such powerful conversations!

I really love the raw and real conversations in this podcast. I especially resonated with the episode of being influential in conversations. The dynamic between the two of you is really fun and natural, a pleasure to listen to! XX Shawne

Love the different perspective from this podcast

I love how articulate Courthney and Emily are about current issues. I love even more the different perspectives they share due to their own personal backgrounds. Thank you for tackling such hard topics.


Thank you for having the conversations


So glad to find this show. The hosts are taking on topics that are sometimes hard to talk about, but I learn from every episode. I love the way their conversations are so real and human & add to my perspective, particularly on social justice issues.

absolutely needed conversation !

Thank you for bringing this to light!!!!!!!

So needed!

I have been listening since day one thanks to my friend Courtney, and have thoroughly enjoyed, been challenged by, and been reminded of hope through the Humanize Podcast. I recommend it often and it’s one of the pods that helps add depth to my weeks!


Courthney, Emily, and their amazing guests share so much knowledge and self-reflection every episode. The vulnerability that they bring helps encourage me to learn more, look deeper, face hard truths, and act with more courage. The conversational style brings listeners in. I love that they’ve identified power, culture, and ego as the things that get in the way of conversations about race. Thanks for your courageous, insightful work.

Courageous Conversations

THANK YOU! The courageous conversations between Emily and Courthney Russell Jr. have ignited many questions in me. I have been learning, listening, and reading more about dismantling white supremacy and I feel that conversations like these can truly change our system of oppression. Your podcast holds lived examples of racism up to the light. You have given us the opportunity to examine and learn from your shared vulnerability. How generous of you both! I follow many thought leaders and activists and the rawness of your podcast has elevated it to the top of my listening list. Thank you!

Raw, real, and right down to the root of the issues

This is my new favorite podcast. I’m so inspired by the way you speak and carry a conversation to reveal not only the roots of controversial issues, but also your own raw realities and how you each relate to them. And there’s a balance of both real pain AND hope revealed. This podcast is a gem - thank you and please keep up the good work!


I LOVE THIS PODCAST! I listen to it on my long commutes to work at the hospital. Dr Russell and Emily are such an inspiration, for all of us to look at our biases and dig deeper into understanding each others human experience. Their banter and style is easy to listen to, and they make these tough conversations flow by just showing up with their true selves. So great. They also have interesting guests. We should all be so brave. Thank you for sharing your voices you two!

Great podcast

I have really enjoyed being a part of this conversation and am excited for more voices in Season 2. Keep it going Emily and Courtney. This is such important work!

Thank you

This really opened up a whole new level of understanding for me. I love listening to the two of you and the realness that you bring. Some really hard painful moments that are sitting heavy in my heart, and yet I know that it will lead to my growth. I appreciate you both so much, keep going, dive deep, I’m in!

It’s Like Listening to My Own Thoughts Outside of My Head

This is the first and only podcast that I’m subscribed to. That got to mean something. I have listened to other podcasts. But I never hit the subscribe button because I don’t want to commit. I have too many other things going on to feel like I need to catch up on every episode of anything. But I clicked the button on this one after the first episode I listened to because I knew I wanted to hear what the hosts had to say next. I do work in their area of concentration and have things in common with them both through the complexity of my relationships. But before them, I hadn’t heard any other people authentically face this subject of Race and racism the way I do with my friends of every ilk. In a word, they keep it real. And we need more of that. I’m not a fan of conversational cowardice. These two definitely get courageous with theirs. And their hilarious which always helps.

Thank you

I am absolutely loving this podcast. Just being able to witness this dialogue between you both- your humility, your curiosity, your rawness, your humanness- it is refreshing and genuinely helpful as a model- not just for conversations about race, but for all conversations. Thank you.

What a gift to the world!

Wow your podcast is phenomenal! Very thoughtful, insightful, inspiring, and honest. It’s refreshing to hear brave and hard conversations between two individuals, who identify as having very different backgrounds and lived experiences, as they come together to seek understanding and connection. What a gift to the world that they are willing to share the challenges of navigating race and equity during these times. I’ve listened to 3 episodes today. I shared it with my equity colleagues at school. I found it relatable when Emily mentioned she spoke at a high school last year and she received support as well as backlash. This is hard and continuous work. I appreciate her recognition of the balancing act and fear experienced by those who serve a variety of individuals and ways of thinking. I too find myself grappling with hurting feelings as I want to point out moments and functions that contribute to racism. I think there’s such truth in the hard defensiveness, denial, and ultimately fear of those who have benefited from the oppression of BIPOC. I could go on... so appreciate your work. Thank you!!


This is amazing! I love to see it. Would love if you guys could add some perspectives as well such as white male, black woman. Maybe some guests in the future! Keep talking and pushing the conversation forward.


A very open and honest conversation about many challenges facing our country today. A great listen and a wonderful education which causes self reflection.