The Humanize Podcast

The Humanize Podcast

It’s easy to say you believe in social justice, but engaging in honest conversations about race can be deeply uncomfortable, vulnerable, messy, and complex. Join co-hosts Courthney Russell (social entrepreneur, activist and doctor) and Emily Braucher (keynote speaker and mom) as they take on the kind of interracial dialogue needed to disrupt the current social order and create equity.

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April 26, 2023

[Encore] Radical Inclusivity & CRT w/Dr. Reiland Rabaka (2022)

Originally released Jan 24, 2022: [Update, The CAAAS in now open!] What exactly IS radical inclusivity and what does it have to do with Critical Race Theory? On today’s episode we’re excited to be joined by Dr. Reiland Rabaka to dive into this...

April 12, 2023

[Encore] When Schools Fear ‘Noise’ w/ Nikole Hannah-Jones (2022)

Originally released July 11, 2022: How do we distinguish between sadness and remorse and individual guilt? How do we teach the youth that you can feel shame for something your country did, without feeling responsible? We have all heard about the...

March 29, 2023

[Encore] Our stories (2020)

Originally Released Dec 22, 2021: Are you wondering how a prep school-raised white girl from Boston and a Black man from Atlanta like us teamed up to collaborate on a mission to work towards progression to help dismantle systems of oppression? On...

March 19, 2023

Our Biggest Lessons From Season 4

We can’t believe it, we’ve made it to the end of Season 4. What a year of absolutely mind-blowing conversations and guests. With gratitude and excitement, we leave you with these final reflections on dismantling white supremacy, sitting in...

March 02, 2023

S4E20: Radical Education w/ Jocelyn Roderiguez

“I’m not here to reform. I’m here to abolish, I’m here to dismantle.” - Jocelyn Roderiguez  What does it mean to have a radical approach? For Joceyln Roderiguez, it’s about pushing the norm, and often being the only one doing it....

February 15, 2023

S4E19: White Supremacy: Let's Call It What It Is

“Whoa whoa whoa - I’m not a white supremacist…” White supremacy is a pretty hard thing to talk about without all the defenses coming up and the conversation quickly ending. In this episode we talk about the difference between ‘being a white...

February 03, 2023

S4E18: Tyre Nichols: Is This A Race Thing?

We’re weighing in on the heated debate erupting across our country in the wake of Tyre Nichols murder. Tyre, a black man, was pulled over and subsequently killed by black police officers. Is this racist? Let’s ask better questions.  Our...

January 18, 2023

S4E17: The Dangers of the Hyper Woke w/Dr. Melissa Bird

How does perfectionism undermine our activism? This conversation today is so important. We’re with Dr. Melissa Bird, discussing how our fears of messing up and being judged impedes our activism, and how our shame and guilt are leading us to action...

December 27, 2022

S4E16: Activation & Allyship w/Brenda Herrera Moreno

Anti-oppression work requires great introspection and learning of self and habits. According to Brenda Herrera Moreno, the role that we have to play in combating oppression is equivalent to the life journey of getting to know ourselves better. ...

December 14, 2022

S4E15: Injustice Isn't Elsewhere, It's Here. With Sirad Zahara.

The world is an intense place. We are bombarded with news of tragedies and injustices and many of us wonder, “what can I do?”, before we are swept back into our busy lives. Sirad Zahara joins us today to talk about the injustices that land on our...

November 29, 2022

S4E14: Do Our Stories Do Us Justice? With Adriana Ortiz

How do you tell your own story? Often when we think about our lives we focus on our shortcomings and struggle to see how all the parts of our story are weaved together. Adriana Ortiz believes that understanding our own story is critical to living a...

November 17, 2022

S4E13: Being Influential In Conversation (A Deeper Dive)

Each of us have different strategies when it comes to shifting people’s perspectives. For last week’s guest, Awa Diaw, it can be choosing to end the conversation when it no longer feels productive. For Humanize co-host, Courthney Russell Jr,...