The Humanize Podcast


Humanize features its perfectly mismatched hosts - a White mom from Boulder and a Black doctor from Atlanta - delving into the kind of interracial dialogue needed to disrupt the current social order and create equity. 

As more public institutions and private companies commit to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts, Colorado-based co-hosts Courthney Russell Jr, MD and Emily Braucher have honest conversations about race relations in America by tackling tough topics like DEI, White Supremacy and Critical Race Theory.

“Appreciate the fact that slavery existed. Critical Race Theory is not telling your children that they are bad because they are white. It is being honest that white people, Europeans, enslaved people and created a country. That’s the reality,” said Russell in Season 2, Episode 20.


Courthney Russell Jr. MD, is a Black man who was homeless at times while he put himself through medical school. Once he became a doctor, he saw firsthand how wide the racial divide is in healthcare. As a result of personally experiencing homelessness he devoted his life to activism. Russell is now a social entrepreneur who has co-founded two organizations (WeUp and A2H2) to help underserved populations in his community.

Emily Braucher, MA, MA is a white woman who grew up in New England and attended Brown University. Her commitment to social equity took her around the world where she lived and worked in more than 30 countries. Her experience abroad inspired her to start her company, ReFresh Communication, promoting the art of cross-cultural communication. Braucher is now a keynote speaker and trainer dedicated to helping companies and communities build trust across differences.

Together on the Humanize podcast, these two Americans with vastly different backgrounds provide informed expert discussions on all things anti-racism with a focus on their Colorado community at large.

“We dive right at the heart of the three things that shut down tough conversations about race: culture, power and ego,” said Braucher.