The Humanize Podcast

S4E20: Radical Education w/ Jocelyn Rodriguez

“I’m not here to reform. I’m here to abolish, I’m here to dismantle.” - Jocelyn Rodriguez

What does it mean to have a radical approach? For Joceyln Roderiguez, it’s about pushing the norm, and often being the only one doing it. Today we’re talking (surprize!) about dismantling white supremacy, this time with a focus on education & our value systems that surround it.

We didn’t want this conversation to end! Joceyln is an educator, entrepreneur, community advocate, and all-round powerhouse. Courthney can barely contain his excitement about having Joceyln on the show.

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Listen to hear us talk about:
Intersection of international education and social justice, identity
What does it mean to be radical?
The whole picture of education (housing, income, poverty)
Dismantling systems that uphold characteristics of white supremacy
Being able to hold the greater picture in focus to sustain your activism
Radical self-acceptance, self-love, and rest
Activist burnout
Being aware of our egos in activism; people’s activism will look different to ours
“Reaching back”:” not leaving our communities behind, recognizing and using privilege

Bettina Love: - Abolitionist Education
Harriet Tubman