The Humanize Podcast

S3E6: What's the "right" way to talk about people? (2021)

So it turns out, Courthney and I don't always agree :) He and I were about to record a different episode on power, when we started to explore our differences when it comes to the "right" way to talk about people. Of course "right" is relative as I don't think we can ever get this work totally "right."

Our words matter, and there’s a lot of debate over how we should talk about people, and a lot of fear around causing offense. Should you say “a homeless man” or “a man experiencing homelessness”, for example? Today’s mini episode was inspired by the phrase, “the vulnerable,” that Courthney Russell, Jr uses often and it turns out he and I have differing opinions about this. We’re fired up to talk to you all about it in this episode as we break it down from both sides, muddy up the waters, and help you get some clarity moving forward.

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We’re exploring:

What really aggravates Courthney about this issue

The most important thing that’s missing in this conversation

Where #positionality and authenticity play a role in the language we use

Why “getting it right” shouldn’t be the main focus here

Where your energy should REALLY be focused in this issue

And more!