The Humanize Podcast

S3E17 "White supremacy is not the shark; it's the water" w/ poet Kyle 'Guante' Tran Myhre (2022)

Poetry and art can move us in a way that lectures or courses cannot, am I right? THIS is why today’s guest loves this medium and uses it so powerfully in his social activism work, particularly around white supremacy and toxic masculinity. In this episode, we’re joined by poet, educator, and activist, Kyle ‘Guante’ Tran Myhre, to break down the relationship between power and resistance, the MOST important tool for creating real change, and how he uses poetry so powerfully in his activism work.

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We’re exploring:
The idea of narrative strategy
Kyle’s experience growing up as a white-passing man, who is actually mixed race
THIS key thing he uses to create change and facilitate hard conversations
One of Kyle’s favorite tools in his toolbox of relationship building and advocacy
Why he prefers art and storytelling in activism rather than lecturing
Balancing audacity with humility
How white supremacy and toxic masculinity overlap and how they differ
The thing about poetry/art that is so much more impactful than a new policy
An exclusive sneak peek to a poem from Kyle’s new sci-fi poetry book!