The Humanize Podcast

S2E9: Reacting to the Chauvin Trial Verdict & What’s Next

Show notes:
Will the guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd spark reform and improve the systemic issues that BIPOC face when interacting with police? There’s still a lot of work to do, but the ruling is a step in the right direction to create accountability in policing. In this episode, join us as we reflect on the Chauvin trial ruling, what it means for the fight for justice and freedom, and what YOU can do to speak up and let your voice be heard.

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We’re exploring:
Why the justice system MUST stay above politics
Emotional activism as the catalyst for strategic moves towards justice
Courthney and Emily’s thoughts on Nancy Pelosi’s statement about George Floyd’s “sacrifice”
A POWERFUL message about living for justice
Emily opens up about encountering racism at a professional event—and what she realized about her opportunities to speak up about race
And so much more!

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