The Humanize Podcast

S2E4: From Powerless to Empowered [A Deeper Dive]

Show notes:
What does it take to speak freely and address the problems faced by BIPOC in our society? In this episode, we're digging deeper into this question, inspired by our conversation with last week's guest - pastor, rapper, and poet, Pedro S. Silva II. His phrase, "deranking conversation," got us thinking about what it means to have power and use it to better understand individual perspectives, so we can hold honest conversations about social justice issues as equals.

We’re exploring:
What you can do to fight hierarchical dialogue
The difficulty of identifying power, and what that shows about privilege
Why you don’t have to belittle others to be powerful
A personal story from Emily Braucher about stepping into power (plus, a time she felt powerless)
The influence of Courthney Russell Jr’s experiences on how he responds to issues facing BIPOC
Why “speaking freely” requires understanding and patience
Uncovering fear and pain to liberate not only the oppressed, but also the oppressor
Courthney’s challenge for Emily
How rapport and trust can free your voice
And so much more!

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