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S2E3: Permission to Speak Freely with Pedro S. Silva II

For Pedro S. Silva II, the ability to use his voice as a pastor, poet, and rapper has allowed him to engage his community in open conversations about race and social issues. He’s been getting the word out creatively — both online and face-to-face — to help others stay aware of the social justice dilemmas facing BIPOC. In this episode, he’s sharing the life-changing experiences that have inspired him to create spaces to speak freely about social issues and open the conversation for people of ALL races to join in without judgement.

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We’re exploring:

How Pedro uses poetry and music to cope with and raise awareness of social justice issues — plus, he shares an exclusive look behind the scenes of his original rap song and video, “New Me”
The biggest “aha” moments of being Black in a predominantly white community
Why being a pastor gave Pedro a renewed responsibility to the Black community
The 2 reasons Pedro feels obligated to use his voice to bring EVERYONE together
A powerful new phrase you’ll want to add to your vocabulary
What it means to LEAD a conversation
2 ways YOU can create an open space for people to come together and speak freely
The obligation to “stay aware by helping others stay aware” of the issues facing BIPOC
Why Philando Castile’s murder by police, in particular, really shook Pedro and how poetry and music helped him cope
And so much more!

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