The Humanize Podcast

S2E15: The Neurobiology of DEI Work [A Deeper Dive]

So you’ve come to realize there are some things you’ve grown up with when it comes to race that you want to change, and you’re ready to start unlearning them. How hard can it be, right? But DEI work is definitely easier said than done. Join us on today’s episode as we debrief last week’s inspiring interview with “guerilla storyteller” Jeff Campbell, how white supremacy and emotional labor can come into play during attempts at DEI work, and WHY unlearning as part of this work can sound so easy but be so hard.

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We’re exploring:
The lessons we need to unlearn to grow into an evolved version of ourselves
How long it ACTUALLY takes to unlearn and reprogram our old, learned neuropathways
ONE key thing that is so important to remember when you’re doing unlearning work
The question NOT to ask when you’re starting down the path of your own DEI journey
Conformers vs anomalies in different cultural systems
And so much more!

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