The Humanize Podcast

S2E12: The Historical Creation of Karen with Crystal Lynese

Show notes:

Karen is not new. White women have been bringing out their inner Karen for a LOT longer than you might think. So where exactly did Karen come from? In this episode, we’re joined by our guest Crystal Lynese, a DEI advocate whose work emphasizes Karens particular brand of oppression, to share with us the historical origins of Karen, what being a Karen REALLY means, and the importance of changing Karen behaviors so that Black and Brown people can live in peace.

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We’re exploring:
How Crystal was impacted by racial trauma in her hometown (and why this sparked her DEI activism)
The original Karen and her impact on the civil rights movement as we know it
What it means for Black women to be at the intersection of race and gender
The fence Karen straddles
Crystal’s TOP TIPS for recognizing your own Karen behaviors and how to put them in check
The ONE belief that has to stop in order to truly dismantle white supremacy, racism and the patriarchy
Why white men don’t need to Karen
How and why Black bodies have historically been used a currency and commodity, and how this has protected white women
Why white supremacy hurts EVERYBODY—not just POC
Crystal’s traumatic first experience as a young woman being profiled by the police
What still needs to happen for Black people to be TRULY free
And so much more!

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Resources mentioned in this episode:
“The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave” by Willie Lynch: