The Humanize Podcast

S2E10: Centering Justice in the Climate Crisis with Reverend Yearwood

Show notes:
What will happen if we don’t change our environmental impact NOW? Where do you fit in the climate crisis conversation? In today’s episode we’re diving into these questions with Founder & President of Hip Hop Caucus and community activist Reverend Yearwood. He shares with us a powerful message on the weaving of social justice and climate change, the context for modern-day environmental movements, and what still needs to happen for justice to be the center of the climate crisis.

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We’re exploring:
Reverend Yearwood shares the catalyst to his involvement in the green movement
The extractive mentality of the fossil fuel industry
A surprising connection between the origins of hip hop and environmental justice
Why artists should connect to a struggle to evolve creatively
Solidarity versus charity when you’re part of a movement
The impact of poverty and environmental risks on Black communities
Why we need to create a movement involving EVERYBODY (beyond the siloed progressive movement dominated by white people)
A message to ALL artists to use your voice and platform for climate advocacy
Reverend Yearwood’s TOP 4 things YOU can do to create change
And so much more!

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