The Humanize Podcast

S1E4: Our Stories (The Humanize Podcast)

Show notes:

Are you wondering how a prep school-raised white girl from Boston and a Black man from Atlanta like us teamed up to collaborate on a mission to work towards progression to help dismantle systems of oppression? On today’s episode, we’re bringing you a “getting to know us” episode and diving into the yin and yang that is us, our stories, how we met, and what brought us together on this journey.

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We’re exploring:
The most important thing each of us learned from our families growing up that helped shape who we are today
Courthney’s biggest lessons from growing up in Atlanta that still serve him today
The hardest time in his life and how he got through it
Courthney’s experience with homelessness as a medical student (and why he feels it was exactly what he needed)
The pivot point for him as a doctor that led him to leave medicine and become an entrepreneur passionate about helping people escape poverty
What led to Emily’s awakening about her own privilege and how she became interested in social dynamics and working in and with poverty
Why pushing past the fear of being wrong is so important in anti-racism work
How we actually keep each other safe while doing this work
And more!

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