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Injustice Isn’t Elsewhere, It’s Here w/Sirad Zahra.

The world is an intense place. We are bombarded with news of tragedies and injustices and many of us wonder, “what can I do?”, before we are swept back into our busy lives. Sirad Zahara joins us today to talk about the injustices that land on our own doorstep, and what we choose to do with them.

Sirad Zahra, a founding member of MAAPB Mass Action Against Police Brutality. Sirad describes herself as “First generation American of African & South American-West Indian descent, labeled and experiencing life as an African-American woman in the Black experience of the United States. Living on the edge of the new generations of Peace after generations of terror, born on an echo of Revolution.”

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Listen to hear us talk about:
#Policebrutality in the United States
What we absorb as children from our parents’ activism.
Reflecting on Emily and Sirad’s elementary school years together, their early roots of humanitarianism
How two people can share the same space and have two entirely different experiences
What are the events or experiences that cut through to us enough to make us act?
How the ‘othering’ of groups is used to perpetuate power structures
What would it look like if community activism was expected and built into our professional lives?
Why support and encouragement go a long way in this work

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