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How to Not Stay Silent About Racism This Holiday Season W/ Shiquita Yarborough and Pedro Silva

Holiday get-togethers can be tough for a lot of reasons, and if your family is often vocal about their opinions around race or something else that you feel opposingly passionate about, it can be extra hard. But if you’ve been wondering how to NOT stay silent this holiday in the most effective and loving ways, this episode is for you!


We’re joined by 2 legendary return guests, Shiquita Yarbrough and Pedro Silvas, to break this down for you today and teach you how to have these tough conversations in a way that creates more understanding and connection, how to choose the right moments to speak up, and why it’s so important to not stay silent this holiday season.

We’re exploring:
How to invite your family to discuss these things
One of Shiquita’s favorite ways to soften tough conversations like these and why this method is so powerful
The BEST form of communication and
Some of Pedro’s top recommended questions you can ask family members when these conversations come up so that you can deepen the conversation and learn from each other
Battling the “blood is thicker than water” mentality and why it can keep you stuck
One of the biggest tools of control in this country, how to watch out for it in these tough conversations, and the most POWERFUL tool to use instead
THIS question to ask yourself before you engage in one of these tough conversations to keep you grounded and the conversation more effective
And more!

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