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How to Minimize Defensiveness in Tough Conversations (Humanize Podcast Audiogram (2021))

Want to know more about how to cultivate skills and competencies around ACTUALLY being in hard conversations on race and social justice? If so, you’re going to love our new “mini” episodes! In this first “mini” episode for you, we’re breaking down where defensiveness shows up in social justice conversations, why it hinders the progress that can be made, and how to minimize it in ourselves and others.

We’re exploring:
What’s REALLY going on when we get defensive
How Emily has brought mindfulness in to combat her own defensiveness
Why refocusing conversations on guilt is NOT where we should be focusing (and why it’s so harmful)
Two questions to ask yourself when you find yourself getting defensive
What helps Courthney stay connected to a conversation when he feels things are getting heated and defensive
One of the most important steps in facilitating a group conversation around race and social justice
And more!

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