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Episode name: S4E7: Defining Hope [A Deeper Dive]

We know the important place The 1619 Project takes in DEI work. Nikole Hannah-Jones’ speech at a prominent elite school was canceled, but her message is definitely not. Join us as we break down our previous episode with Nikole and talk about the importance of using our platforms to enact change. We are digging deep into how we can use our past to change our future, what hope really means, and what it looks like to act.


This week, we’re exploring:

Why Nikole is prioritizing access to her platform for some
The importance of learning to sit with others’ uncomfortable emotions
How feeling shame can be overwhelming but still be healing
The ways that trauma can be passed from generation to generation, and what we need to do to heal
Balancing a love of our country with the shame of its past
What DEI work and parenting have in common
Understanding the harm of inaction and what action really looks like

And so much more!

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